Resumes Tell You What They've Done, We'll Show You Who They Are

8 and Above merges the benefits of video with artificial intelligence to bring enhanced and early soft skill candidate screening. Hiring aims to answer two important questions: "Can the candidate do the job?" "Will the candidate do the job?" You handle the first, 8 and Above will handle the last.

How do video and AI uncover the "Will"?

Watch and See

The Magic: Video and AI

By combining the benefits of Video and Artificial Intelligence we increase candidate engagement and improve employer brand. You'll experience accelerated first impressions, reducing the amount of time spent phone screening the wrong candidates. While your recruiting becomes more efficient, you gain access to behavioral insights that helps you make better hires.

Sophisticated Technology, Simple to Use

This is how it works

Step 1

Capture Video

Fair Screen ™

  • Attached with Application
  • Free form or Pre-Recorded Interview Questions

Enhanced Interview

  • Interview Remotely
  • Record and share with colleagues

Hiring Events

  • Efficiently capture large pool of video interview
  • Process appeals to younger applicants

Step 2

AI Video Analysis for soft-skills

  • 78 soft-skill behaviors
  • Evaluates communication style and body langeuage
  • Performance Management - Identify soft-skill success factors
  • 25 languages for assessing cross-cultural teams

Step 3

Behavioral Assessment Score

  • Accelerates first impression early in the screening process to save time and resources
  • ELEV8 Score is roll-up score of employer identified soft-skills for success