Personality Insights

8 and Above integrates phone or video screening/interviewing with our machine learned tools to provide candidate soft-skill insights that reduce moments of unconscioius bias found within applicant tracking system and human resume parsing.

How do video/phone and machine learning reduce bias?

Candidate Experience Insights

By combining the benefits of video or phone screening and AI we increase candidate engagement and improve employer brand. Ever have a desire to know which employees make applicants feel comfortable during an interview? Would you like to have an understanding of interviewer messaging before the candidate writes a review on Glassdoor? Our insights allow for employee coaching that is grounded in data.

How does machine learning improve the candidate experience?

Unconscious Bias Insights

Our Machine Learning will provide insights and KPI's to allow you to make more informed decisions by reducing unconcious bias. Understand which screeners/interviewers are driving talent acquisition decisions based upon unintended and unconscious biases. Want to really improve diversity and inclusion? Look at promotion and succession planning activities for bias with our tool too.

Our Solution In Action

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Reduce Negative Glassdoor Reviews with Candidate Experience Insights

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This is how it works

Step 1

Capture Content

Fair Screen ™

  • Attached with Application
  • Free form or Pre-Recorded Interview Questions

Impartial Interview

  • Interview Remotely
  • Record and share with colleagues

Hiring Events

  • Efficiently capture large pool of video interview
  • Process appeals to younger applicants

Step 2

AI Analysis for soft-skills,candidate experience, and unconscious bias

  • 78 soft-skill behaviors
  • Evaluates communication style and body langeuage
  • Performance Management - Identify soft-skill success factors
  • 25 languages for assessing cross-cultural teams

Step 3

Behavioral Assessment Score

  • Accelerates first impression early in the screening process to save time and resources
  • ELEV8 Score is roll-up score of employer identified soft-skills for success

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