Talent Management and Acquisition Insights.

New Measurements Around Interviewing, Candidate Experience, and Unconscious Bias Objective Data to Make More Informed Human Capital Management Decisions.

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We are a Transformative Talent Acquisition Company

We assist organizations of all sizes in creating a new talent acquisition workflow that reduces unconscious bias and improves the candidate experience. We’re a software company that creates leading edge technology solutions for measuring Power Skills, Unconscious Bias, and Candidate Experiences.

How We Help Your Organization

We assist companies by providing directional data and insights. Companies can utilize Power Skill, Unconscious Bias, and Candidate Experience Insights to solve various problems that are shared across many or most companies of all sizes.

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Reducing Unconscious Bias and Improving Diversity

This is our core competency. Our machine learned insights allow organizations to recognize when moments of unintended bias are impacting their sourcing activities.

The Result

Larger Talent Pools
Improved Company Culture
Improved Company Brand
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Improving the Candidate Experience

We offer a unique solution that notifies employers, almost immediately after an interview has concluded, if a candidate had a negative interview experience. Our solution provides a solution that reduces negative social media sharing and negative posting on Glassdoor.

The Result

Larger Talent Pools
Reach New Candidates
Reduced Impact on Company Brand and Lost Revenues.
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Reaching New Talent Pools

Our Power Skill assessment, powered by machine learning, and benchmarked against current employees results in less reliance upon applicant tracking for candidate filtering. Combined with our Unconscious Bias Insights tool, means finding candidates within your existing talent pipelines that are normally missed.

The Result

Larger Talent Pools
Improved Company Brand
Broadened Diversity
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Access to a New Candidate Population

By incorporating our tools and committing to reducing bias in your recruiting activities, we grant your company access to our sister site, where you’ll find candidates you normally can’t reach. Our 8a.network site is expanding quickly and is a new way to identify and select talent.

The Result

Larger Talent Pools
Improved Company Brand
Broadened Diversity
Reduced Time to Hire
Reduced Attrition

How It Works


Benchmark employees to identify power skill assessments.


Screen candidates via automated interviewing (Fair Screen or Fair Screen Lite (Phone only)).


Interview candidates via live video chat (Impartial Interviewing or Impartial Interview Lite (Phone only)).


We create a power skill assessment for the candidate as benchmarked against the role and your company identified power skill success factors.


We inform you if there were moments of unconscious bias and if the candidate had a negative candidate experience.


You end up with candidates who have the greatest likelihood of stickiness and success long-term and you improve your recruiting brand by continuously improving the process via data we highlight through unconscious bias and candidate experience insights.

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