Candidate Experience Insights

Have insights to candidate experience before surveying them. Using AI we can detect if a candidate is likely to share negative opinions of your company on Glassdoor and with friends.


Better CEI Insights. Faster.

Know when candidates have had a negative experience and if they are likely to share that opinion on social media. As soon as the screen/interviewer is completed we provide insights and methods to prevent negative social sharing.

Let's Solve This Together

From any standard phone or video interaction with a candidate we provide actionable data insights that gets results.

Making Candidates Feel Welcome

Our machine learning is layered upon verified AI from IBM, Microsoft, Amazon, and Google. We have you covered.

The Future is Here | Take the Lead

By providing you insights you broaden diversity and inclusion and broaden future applicant pools.

Reduce Brand Risk and Know Which Employees Message Your Story Best

Insights that will allow you to proactively communicate with candidates before they social media share negative experiences when interviewing with your company.

Want to know who might be 'good' at interviewing and who might need coaching? Finally have insights that will allow you to provide proper interviewing and screening coaching.

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