Impartial Interviewing

Shorten time to hire. 8 and Above's video chat interviewing, layered with AI, provides in-depth behavioral insights from the interviews you're already conducting.


Increased Engagement. Reduced Bias.

We've all been in a post-interview debrief where bias has wrongly impacted hiring decisions. With Enhanced Interviewing you're bringing rigor to a subjective process, giving candidates a level playing field and hiring teams a compass.

Drives Diversity

Unifies hiring decision makers around suitable selection criteria.


Reduces touches with shareable interview sessions and behavioral insights.

Improves Candidate Experience

Shortens the interview process, speeds up decision making.

Reduce Bias and Improve Retention

Impartial Interviewing allows organizations to improve the candidate experience and treats candidates impartially. The >60 personality insights will allow for data driven people assessments.

Can also be used for talent management exercises that can make career development planning activities more enjoyable for employees and managers.

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