Fair ScreenTM

Reduce or replace traditional phone screens that increase unconscious bias. 8 and Above's video based pre-recorded questions and artificial intelligence provide an early Power Skill Assessment. In conjunction with our Power Skill Benchmarking feature, Fair Screen is the 1st step in reducing bias throughout your talent acquisition process.

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Why Fair Screen

Your First Bias Reduction Step

Your First Bias Reduction Step

A traditional phone screen is your best insurance against pointless interviews. It's also a time drain as you spend a lot time talking to candidates who you quickly assess as not a fit. Phone screens are where candidates first feel moments of unconscious bias and your company misses on potentially Power Skill match candidates.


We’re all human and we all have unconscious biases

One person makes the decision for the hiring manager and your company if a candidate moves forward to an interview with a traditional phone screen process. That person carries unconscious bias just like all of us.

Your First Bias Reduction Step

The process matters

If you don't control a phone screen with fixed questions and later clarifying questions, then you're introducing unconscious bias, even if unintended.

A Fair Screen saves you time and reduces bias

Candidates are treated fairly and you reduce your reliance on your applicant tracking system as 8 and Above surfaces most likely to succeed candidates based upon the Power Benchmarking feature.

Better Insights. Faster.

We've all been only 3 minutes into a 30 minute phone screen and recognized there isn't a fit. With accelerated first impressions, provided by Fair Screen ™, you're now engaging with candidates most likely to succeed in your organization.


Select video questions from pre-recorded library or create your own.

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Candidate receives questions and responds at their convenience.

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You receive video responses and in-depth behavioral insights with custom actionable score.

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Improve Time to Hire and Impact Career Development Exercises

With Fair Screen Insights, you'll broaden the candidate pool and identify applicants most likely to succeed based upon machine learned employee benchmarking.

Drive insightful career development exercises and dialogue by utilizing Fair Screen to equitably benchmark current employees in a reduced bias method to reduce employee attrition and improve morale.

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Access to a New Candidate Population

By incorporating our tools and committing to reducing bias in your recruiting activities, we grant your company access to our sister site, where you’ll find candidates you normally can’t reach. Our 8a.network site is expanding quickly and is a new way to identify and select talent.

The Result

Larger Talent Pools
Improved Company Brand
Broadened Diversity
Reduced Time to Hire
Reduced Attrition

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