Unconscious Bias Insights

From our video interviewing platform we can highlight screener or interviewer moments of unconscious bias that might have impacted a screen or interview. **We can do this in a limited way for phone interviews too.

Unconscious Bias Insights

Our Bias Insights Reduces Interviewer Bias

Finally have objective insights to measure and coach talent managment and hiring manager screening and interviewing bias that might be impacting their recommendation.

Reducing bias in recruiting results in better organizations
Reducing bias in recruiting results in better organizations

Think of All the Bias Inherent in Hiring

  • Calibrating or programming the applicant tracking system for keywords or titles
  • The team member who scans a resume for certain pieces of information that may or may not be predictive of future success
  • Another team member engaged in a 30 minute phone screen, following their 'gut' on who might be a fit for a role they've never held
  • The hiring manager who interviews and then summarily rejects a candidate because, "they're just not a fit."
  • We provide the first dashboard view to allow HR leaders the detail needed to coach and mentor those bringing bias to the hiring process

Where Our Bias Insights Has Impact

  • Data to Coach and Mentor Screeners and Interviewers
  • Insights to Broaden Future Talent Pools
  • Detail to Improve the Candidate Experience
  • Improved Diversity and Inclusion
  • Reduced Group Think
  • Reduced Employee Churn
  • Increased Innovation
  • Reduced Risk to Employer Brand
  • Access to an Exclusive Talent Pool
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Reduce Bias. Broaden Diversity.

We're all committed to hiring the right people but sometimes we get in our own way. Unintended biases throughout talent selection, interviewing, and the hiring process often lead great teams to miss on great candidates. Our Interview Bias Identifier solution is not about better words, it's about a better message.


Capture video of candidate and hiring team using our interviewing solutions.

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We combine insights from our Power Skill assessment from the interviewer, interviewee, and another layer of machine learning to provide insights around moments of unconscious bias.

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We provide a diagnostic summary from body language analysis to help you identify where message and impact may not be well-aligned.

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Finally Have Insights as to Where and When Bias is Impacting Hiring Results

Understand who and when bias might be impacting talent acquisition activities. Have data to drive interviewing and screening training sessions for team members.

If some candidates are uncomfortable with video interviewing on other platforms, try ours. The Bias Insights tool provides you a message to share with candidates. "It's used to measure us, the company, to ensure we're providing every candidate a more fair process."

Access to a New Candidate Population Access to a New Candidate Population

Access to a New Candidate Population

By incorporating our tools and committing to reducing bias in your recruiting activities, we grant your company access to our sister site, where you’ll find candidates you normally can’t reach. Our 8a.network site is expanding quickly and is a new way to identify and select talent.

The Result

Larger Talent Pools
Improved Company Brand
Broadened Diversity
Reduced Time to Hire
Reduced Attrition

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