Unconscious Bias Insights

8 and Above's Unconscious Bias Identifier, powered by video and machine learning, takes bias identification to the next level, allowing organizations to meaningfully connect with right-fit talent.


Reduce Bias. Broaden Diversity.

We're all committed to hiring the right people but sometimes we get in our own way. Unintended biases throughout talent selection, interviewing, and the hiring process often lead great teams to miss on great candidates. Our Interview Bias Identifier solution is not about better words, it's about a better message.

Step 1

Capture video of candidate and hiring team using our interviewing solutions.

Step 2

8 and Above pin-points relevant body language ques and gestures, frame by frame, from available video content.

Step 3

We provide a diagnostic summary from body language analysis to help you identify where message and impact may not be well-aligned.

Reduce Bias Within Talent Management and Acquisition Activities

Understand who and when bias might be impacting talent acquisition activities. Have data to drive interviewing and screening training session for team members. No more he said she said debates.

The tool makes for more objective assessments during succession planning and promotion discussions. Broaden the employee consideration pool and improve morale and deepen diversity and inclusion metrics.

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